Mark Stopa Exposed

Mark Stopa Exposed

Demented Mark Stopa Calls For Public Executions

Demented Mark Stopa Calls For Public Executions Of Bankers For Fraud. Does He Include Himself In This Group?

mentally ill mark stopa
Mark Stopa victims are gaining support from the Florida AG’s office in Tampa.

It’s pretty obvious that mentally ill Mark Stopa hasn’t made an honest buck since graduating law school over 20 years ago.

The disbarred lawyer’s fraud schemes have become legendary. Stopa often boasted outrageous claims of being a GOAT (Greatest-Of-All-Time) lawyer. 

Now, he boasts he’s “untouchable” because of his bromance with 6th Circuit Chief Judge Anthony Rondolino. 

However in reality, Stopa was a sub-par attorney with a devil tongue. A tongue that could bend a cherry stem into a pretzel knot. A skill that will serve him well in prison. He conned people into fraudulently signing over their homes to him. He also continually pulled scams on the Florida court system. That was until the Florida Bar suspended his law license in 2018 and revoked it permanently the following year. 

Demented Mark Stopa Comes Up With A New Scam After Getting Disbarred

But that didn’t deter Stopa from defrauding people. After he was barred from practicing law, he read about a lawyer getting clipped for running a fake foreclosure scam on MFI-Miami.

Stopa instantly saw dollar signs. He then decided to take the attorney’s scam to a whole new level. Stopa recruited his wife, Adrienne Federico into the scam. In addition, he recruited about a dozen corrupt lawyers.

However, some sources say she was the mastermind behind the scam. They say that Stopa has the IQ of a Walmart greeter. Neighbors say he’s nothing more than, “Adrienne’s little cuckolded bitch.” has detailed the fraudulent nature of these crimes a number of times detailed in Dossier 1.0 and Dossier 2.0.

Mark Stopa’s victims have become empowered. THEY WANT JUSTICE and they want their money back that Stopa stole from them.

They have begun filing complaints with FDLE. There are also a horde of civil lawsuits on the horizon against Stopa and Federico that could leave Federico and her kids homeless. 

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