Mark Stopa Exposed

Mark Stopa Exposed

Is Attorney Steven Cozzi Dead?

Attorney Steven Cozzi

Is Attorney Steven Cozzi Dead. Did Cozzi Know Too Much About Jake Blanchard And The Stopa Foreclosure Scam?

Is  attorney Steven Cozzi dead? The missing attorney for Jake Blanchard has gone missing under a cloud of mystery that began on March 21st. Police say Cozzi was last seen in the Mens room of the office of attorney Jake Blanchard. Cozzi’s assault and disappearance has the markings of a professional hitman. But, was it? Could the police have the wrong man in custody?

Investigators say Cozzi took a restroom break and never returned to his desk.

Cozzi is now missing and authorities suspect the worst.

Surveillance cameras captured a shadowy figure entering the building that same morning. Fox13 Tampa Bay News reports a search of the suspected hitman’s car revealed several guns and a ballistic vest. Police also say they found two sets of gloves, a surgical mask, an a hairnet. In addition, they found sponges, a knife and sedatives.

The hitman also had a bag with $282,120 in cash.

What was the cash for?

Was it getaway money or a payment for something?

If this is true, who hired this hitman? Why Cozzi?

Steven Cozzi’s Boss Jake Blanchard Is Under A Criminal Investigation And Bar Investigation For Participating In Mark Stopa’s Foreclosure Scams

Cozzi’s boss Attorney Jake Blanchard is currently embroiled in two criminal investigations by State and Federal authorities. FDLE and HUD-OIG are investigating Blanchard.

Authorities want to know the details of his involvement in disbarred lawyer Mark Stopa’s multi-million dollar foreclosure equity skimming scheme.

A psychotic Mark Stopa has repeatedly threatened to sue any entities that report on his illegal activities. As a result, mainstream media refuses to cover the breaking news about his latest equity skimming real estate scheme for fear of triggering a frivolous Mark Stopa Pro Se lawsuit. 

However, the investigative journalists at are not afraid to dig deep and report the truth about Mark Stopa.

Public land and court records indicate Blanchard operated as lead attorney in Stopa’s recent statewide fraud scheme. Stopa’s latest scheme involves egregious frauds on the court in 24 counties. Stopa and his attorneys including Blanchard tricked judges to place bogus liens on foreclosure properties owned by Mark Stopa. 

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