Mark Stopa Exposed

Mark Stopa Exposed

Mark Stopa Lied to the Tampa Bay Times

Florida Bar Inaction

Mark Stopa Lied to the Tampa Bay Times. For A Guy Claiming He Doesn’t Want To Practice Law, He Sure Is Doing A Lot Of Unlicensed Legal Work

Despite lying to the Tampa Bay Times saying he no longer wanted to practice law, Stopa has filed over two dozen frivolous Pro Se lawsuits against his vocal opponents since he was disbarred in 2019.   

Stopa has filed dozens of SLAPP lawsuits that are designed to SILENCE his vocal opponents. He wants to  send a CHILLING message to the world. If you speak out against Mark Stopa or his crimes, he will sue you into bankruptcy. 

Even if you do choose to fight Mark Stopa in court, he will use dirty little tricks to beat you.  Stopa has a favorite trick and it’s very unethical. If Stopa can’t win on the merits of a lawsuit, he will SUE YOUR ATTORNEY. He does this to create a conflict and force them into withdrawing from the case.    

Stopa-Federico Crime Family Frivolous Lawsuit Machine

Mark Stopa LiedStopa uses a cabal of corrupt proxy attorneys. Thus, he is now running the largest organized crime foreclosure surplus scam in the history of the State of Florida.   

Law enforcement sources say that even Governor DeSantis has been briefed on the criminal investigation of Mark Stopa.

Under Stopa’s direction, his crime family continues to obstruct federally insured mortgage lenders in order to equity skim rents on foreclosure homes Stopa stole from hundreds of his own clients.

Stopa has also orchestrated the proxy filing of hundreds of frivolous lawsuits against federally insured mortgage lenders like Deutsch Bank as well as actually suing himself on homes he already owned in order to rip off innocent auction bidders.   

In just the last several months alone, his crime family has manipulated the court system and clueless County Judges to steal more than $2 Million dollars from innocent auction buyers.

It seems Mark Stopa not only loves practicing law – he loves manipulating the Florida Court system to harm his opponents and unjustly enrich himself.

Mark Stopa Lied To Get A Fake Injunction to Silence His Critics

Stopa is running out of money.   He needs to stop his critics so he can continue to run his foreclosure surplus scams.

This is why he went into family court to seek a false injunction against blogger Stephen Dibert to silence him.

Stopa already tried to get an injunction in the frivolous Civil Court lawsuit against Dibert but it was DENIED because Stopa failed to post a bond.  You see when you make outrageous false claims in civil court, you are required to post a bond.

Stopa doesn’t have any money and isn’t able to post a bond so he used a dirty little legal trick to file in Family Court where you don’t have to post a bond.

Pretty slick trick.

This is the same reason he files his foreclosure surplus scams in County Court. He knows the civil court judges are too smart.   It is why he pulls his little dirty tricks in county court where the judges are less sophisticated.

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