Mark Stopa Exposed

Mark Stopa Exposed

Mark Stopa Reveals He’s Fasting. Is He Prepping For Prison Life?

mark stopa reveals

Mark Stopa Reveals He’s Fasting On Twitter. Is He Preparing For Life Of Expired Boloney Sandwiches And Water In Prison?

mark stopa admitted
Unindicted fraudster and disbarred attorney Mark Stopa has taken up fasting.

In case you missed it, Mark Stopa reveals on Twitter that he is experimenting with long periods of fasting. He claims that these fasting sessions go on for days.

He claims for his first attempt he went 36 hours with only consuming water. Of course, Stopa has a penchant for spewing lies and bullshit about his accomplishments. Kind of like his outlandish claims that his book, People v. Money was an international best seller or he that was the greatest foreclosure defense lawyer who ever lived.

He forgets to mention the Florida bar received over a dozen bar complaints about his unethical and alleged criminal behavior as a lawyer. In the end, the Florida Supreme Court disbarred Stopa.

But let’s assume Mark Stopa is actually the truth for once. Why would he be doing it? 

Stopa claims it’s too lose his portly figure. Maybe those jokes about his man-boobs on another website got under his narcissistic thin skin. 

There could also be another possibility. Stopa knows FDLE and the Feds are closing in on him. In the end, there won’t be much his attorney Todd Foster will be able to do for him. 

Speculation from former associates is that Stopa is mentally preparing himself for prison life.

Florida Prison Food: Is It Really Food?

Mark Stopa Admitted
Law enforcement insiders say the court may make Mark Stopa serve his prison sentence at the notorious Santa Rosa Correctional Institution

Florida prisons are infamous for their limited menu of barely eatable food. Mainly, their sandwiches made of expired baloney that Florida buys for 3 cents a pound from the Guatemalan Council of Food. Oh, and let’s not forget the macaroni and cheese made from wadded up gym mats and watered down Chinese made imitation Velveeta cheese. 

Man-child Mark Stopa will eventually grow tired of eating the aforementioned prison cuisine. He will also grow tired of wanting to eat with the brothers in the cell block. Will it be because the prison food doesn’t meet the discriminating tastes of a suburban white boy like Stopa?

There could also be days he may not want to be persuaded to be the center in a shower room Mandingo bukkake circle. 

Either way, Stopa may be forced to stay in his cell and live only on water for a day or two. Possibly even three or four depending on the pressure he’s getting from the brothers in the cell for some prison play time. 

As a result, it’s only natural for Stopa to prepare for days of fasting as a guest of Florida taxpayers.

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