Mark Stopa Exposed

Mark Stopa Exposed

The SS Mark Stopa Is Torpedoed And Sinking Fast!

SS Mark Stopa

The SS Mark Stopa And Federico Organized Crime Family Has Hit A Law Enforcement Torpedo And Is Sinking Fast!

mark stopaThe SS Mark Stopa And The Mark Stopa-Federico Organized Crime Family Is Having A Very Rough 2023.

Sources say this is the year. Yes, FDLE is finally going to take down Mark Stopa and Adrienne Federico for all their crimes. It appears it is now the beginning of the end for the Stopa-Federico Crime Family.

After years of fraudulently manipulating the legal system for his own gain, Stopa’s day of reckoning is coming!

Stopa has been busted by for ripping off his own clients and stealing their homes. He skimmed millions of dollars from them in a massive equity skimming scam by renting out the homes and pocketing the rent.  

Stopa lied to EVERYONE about EVERYTHING. He screwed over family and business associates. In addition, he even bragged to associates about cheating on his own wife. Unfortunately for Mark Stopa and Adrienne Federico, it appears the end is near!

Karma Torpedoed The SS Mark Stopa

ss mark stopaKarma is a bitch and it’s about to torpedo the SS Mark Stopa.

Mark Stopa’s organized crime operation just hit a massive law enforcement iceberg. As a result it’s sinking fast. All of Stopa’s corrupt lawyer buddies are jumping ship like the rats they are. Even Stopa’s only friends at the rat law firm Segal & Schuh are now abandoning ship.

Stopa lost his entire cabal of corrupt attorneys and his foreclosure surplus scam is now out of business.

Mark Stopa needed corrupt lawyers with a law license to help him perpetrate his multiple statewide frauds on the court. Stopa couldn’t do it himself because he was disbarred in 2019 for fraud.

Word is spreading fast that law enforcement is now closing in. Even Florida’s most notorious blackhat attorneys won’t take Stopa’s calls or money.

Stopa’s allies are now turning on him. They have decided it’s easier  to cooperate with law enforcement than it is to be cellmates with Stopa. 

Additionally, Lee Segal & Jill Schuh recently packed up their long-time Clearwater office virtually overnight and left without telling Mark Stopa.


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