Mark Stopa Exposed

Mark Stopa Exposed

The Mark Stopa Judicial Enemies List

mark stopa judicial enemies

Attention Florida Judges: Did You Make The Cut For The Mark Stopa Judicial Enemies List?

mark stopa judicial enemies list
Unindicted Fraudster And Disbarred Lawyer Mark Stopa

Disgraced and disbarred lawyer Mark Stopa issued a press release in 2019 that is essentially a “Mark Stopa Judicial Enemies List.”

Stopa used the list as a way to promote his 800+ page rant of a book after his September 2019 disbarment. has written about Stopa’s deranged manifesto multiple times. We have also written multiple times about the multiple FDLE and FBI criminal investigations into Stopa’s business practices.

Mark Stopa’s Deranged Manifesto

People V. Money is filled with a host of bizarre conspiracy theories about a cabal of judges, attorneys and the media who conspired to have him disbarred. Stopa also claimed he was innocent and did nothing wrong.

The Court Referee in Stopa’s disbarment disagreed and wrote a scathing 60+ page report detailing Stopa’s unethical conduct as a lawyer including a history of lying and misleading the court.

However, Stopa being Stopa, refused to admit any responsibility for his actions that lead to his disbarment. He continued blaming it on a mass judicial conspiracy. To promote his book, People V. Money, Stopa sent out a series of press releases. In one press release, Stopa accuses nearly 90 Florida judges of criminal activity

Mark stopa Enemies List
Mark Stopa and his wife are under two different criminal investigations.

Did Stopa have any evidence the judges were taking bribes or kickbacks? Fun fact, no! However, that didn’t stop wannabe cult leader Mark Stopa.

Like everyone else Stopa doesn’t like, he fabricates imaginary evidence in his head. Then he expects everyone to believe him based on the verbal diarrhea that spews from his mouth. 

These judges have one or two things in common. Most of them ruled against Stopa at one point or another. Others have testified against him at his disbarment hearing.

Thus, Stopa compiled a list of judges he has a beef with for one reason or another.

So, Stopa being the typical arrogant know-it-all white Florida suburbanite with an, “I’ll show you!” attitude blasted out a press release.

The inept wannabe cult leader drops these judges names as a way to promote his book.

Mark Stopa’s Press Release Shows How Removed From Reality He Is

Stopa starts his press release with the dubious claim that People V. Money is an international bestseller. The inept wannabe cult leader only sold 750 copies to his Kool-Aid drinking groupies. The groupies have since abandoned Stopa and now the pages of the book are being sold as toilet paper in Sudan.

Stopa then brings up more falsehoods about his legal career. He claims:

“After ten years of unprecedented success representing homeowners in foreclosure lawsuits, many viewed Stopa as “America’s best foreclosure defense attorney.”

This statement just shows how delusional and removed from reality Mark Stopa really is. The truth is that pretty much all of Stopa’s clients lost their home to either Stopa stealing it out from under them like the crook he was. Also, outside the Tampa Bay area no one knew who Stopa was. The people who did know him in the mortgage industry thought he was a crook. They turned out to right. Mark Stopa played a lot of dimwitted people. 

Stopa then gets into his repeated conspiracy theory that banks, Florida judiciary and the media conspired to have him disbarred to “conceal the truth”.

Stopa (in the third person) also writes:

“The banks he was opposing joined forces with the corrupt officials he was working to expose, parlaying allegations they knew to be false into an all-out assault on his reputation, career, and freedom.  Their hope?  To conceal their bad acts, silence Stopa, and prevent dissemination of this book.

The wannabe cult leader also compares himself to the black civil rights leaders of the 1960s. Stopa thinks 45 minutes of crying after 45 seconds of giving his wife unpleasurable sex some how compares to being a 1960s Civil Rights leaders. Civil rights leaders who endured decades of being blasted with fire hoses and got hit with real bullets. 

The delusional and disgraced former lawyer writes:

“More than an exposé, People v Money is a call to action…We The People must recognize People v Money for what it is – not just the title of my book, but the Civil Rights Movement of our generation.”

Attention Florida Judges: Are You On The Mark Stopa Judicial Enemies List?

mark stopa enemies listStopa’s press release is a half-ass attempt at attention seeking showboating. The press release is nothing more than Stopa publicizing his bizarre and borderline psychotic Richard Nixon style enemies list. Nixon’s list was methodical list of 20 people who could make his 1972 re-election harder. However, Stopa’s list is made out of spite because the judiciary kicked him out of the club for his criminal behavior

Yet, the man who is currently under multiple racketeering investigations demands the federal criminal investigations into judges without providing any evidence of corruption or wrong doing.

Stopa doesn’t waste any time jumping accusing Florida judges of misconduct by name. He also starts right the top. He accuses former and current justices of the Florida Supreme Court of criminal misconduct. Again, with no evidence. Stopa writes:

“Nine Florida Supreme Court Justices engaged in ethical, if not criminal, misconduct. Numerous lower-level judges joined them. By aligning with big business to preserve their own positions in office and get rich, these corrupt judges harmed millions of low-income families, facilitating the largest redistribution of wealth in modern U.S. history.”

Stopa Accuses The Following Judges Of Taking Kickbacks And Bribes

Additionally, Stopa writes:

The following Justices violated their ethical obligations to the people of Florida – most of them every year they’ve presided on the Florida Supreme Court: 

Stopa just doesn’t stop there. He also names pretty much every current and retired Appellate Judge from the 5 different District Courts of Appeals in Florida as being crooked. Namely, the 2nd DCA where he appeared multiple times and where he currently is representing himself as a pro-se litigant. Stopa also states that the following judges from the 2nd DCA need to be criminally investigated:

The Mark Stopa Judicial Enemies List Also Includes Judges From The 6th Circuit

Mark Stopa also calls on the federal government begin criminal proceedings against these judges from the 6th Circuit Court in Florida. Additionally, the list also includes retired Judge Linda Allan. Allan penned the 60+ page referee’s report that lead to the Florida Supreme Court revoking Stopa’s law license in 2019.

Ironically, Stopa also names his self-proclaimed judicial BFF Judge Anthony RondolinoCheck it out for yourself:

Stopa also topped off the press release by giving his contact information for media inquires. So, feel free to give him a call.

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