Mark Stopa Exposed

Mark Stopa Exposed

The Mark Stopa Disbarment: The Truth Vs. Mark Stopa

Mark Stopa Disbarment

The Mark Stopa Disbarment: Stopa Wants People to Believe He’s A Victim Of A Mass Conspiracy. In Reality, Stopa Is Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs.

Mark Stopa Disbarment
Mark Stopa Appears To Be Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs

The Mark Stopa disbarment is probably one of the most craziest disbarments in Florida legal history. Stopa has tried to promote a number of tall tales and conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, these tall tales and conspiracy theories only seem to exist in the mind of Mark Stopa. In other words, Stopa is cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

Yet, Stopa keeps promoting these “alternative facts.” 

However, these conspiracy theories Stopa likes to promote are simply not true. Stopa knows it. He thinks if he repeats the same lies over and over, people will believe him.

Unfortunately for Stopa, the people he needs to convince are laughing at him behind his back as soon as he leaves the room. This includes his own family.


Everyone knows Stopa is full of bullshit. Even his Kool-Aid drinking groupies have finally figured out that he was a crooked lawyer and is nothing more than a two-bit con-artist.

The Mark Stopa Disbarment: The Fiction Stopa Wants You To Believe

One thing Mark Stopa has going for him is his ability to use lies and half truths to spin nonsensical bullshit into cotton. He did exactly that after his office was raided and his law license was ultimately revoked in 2019.

Here are some of his crazy claims:

  • In January 2019, Stopa claimed he wanted to quit practicing law but the Florida Bar wouldn’t let him quit. He also claims in court filings, “Stopa voluntarily gave up his law license, stopped practicing law and changed careers.” This is only about 5% true. Stopa did offer to “retire.” However, it was after Judge Allen issued a scathing 60+ page Referee’s Report describing how the unscrupulous Stopa ripped off his clients and pulled multiple frauds on the court. However, that wasn’t the least of it. The report detailed Stopa’s 10-year history of undiagnosed mental health issues. Stopa had brought shame to legal profession and the Florida Supreme Court rejected Stopa’ plea. After his desperate gambit failed, Stopa decided not to embarrass himself by contesting the referee’s report. As a result, Stopa accepted disbarment.
  • In the description of his book, “People v. Money,” Stopa claims in 2019, he was “America’s #1 foreclosure defense lawyer.” However, the truth is Stopa was a failure as a lawyer. After a handful of early minor victories, Stopa lost more cases than he won. As a result, nearly all of Stopa’s clients lost their homes. They either lost them to Stopa’s inept legal skills or by being conned out of them by Stopa.

The Mark Stopa Disbarment: Stopa Conspiracy Theories

Mark Stopa Disbarment
Who Really Wrote Mark Dossier 1.0?
  • Stopa claims illuminati conspiracy theories for his downfall. He claims mortgage lenders conspired with judges to silence him because he was “winning” too much. This absurd claim is simply not true. The Florida Bar busted Stopa for trampling on basic legal ethics with his clients. Stopa failed to disclose things like loan modification offers to his clients. He also was busted for bamboozling them
  • Stopa promotes the conspiracy theory that Dossier 1.0 which is what got him disbarred is filled with lies. He also claims it was written by private investigators hired by the banking industry who conspired with Florida judges. Where do we begin with this one. First, Dossier 1.0 contains public records and court documents that implicate Stopa in an equity skimming scam. To top it off, Stopa’s signature is on these public documents. So, it wouldn’t be too hard to investigate Stopa’s equity skimming scams. Second, the Florida Bar would not have pushed to have Stopa disbarred nor would he be currently under multiple criminal investigations if the allegation in Dossier 1.0 couldn’t be verified and validated. 

Let’s Face It, Mark Stopa Is A Mentally Insane Criminal

Mark Stopa Disbarment
Is Mark Stopa Criminally Insane?

Judge Allen’s scathing 60+ page referee’s report about Mark Stopa is quite the compelling read. Aside from going into details about how Stopa intentionally defrauded his clients, it also dives right into Stopa’s decade long history of untreated mental illness. On pages 51-52, Judge Allen wrote in her May 2018 referee report:

“Respondent (Stopa) clearly has an emotional problem. The Referee finds that this problem may rise to the level of a mental impairment. This potential impairment demonstrates itself in his inability to control his anger and in his exercise of very poor judgment in stressful situations in which he feels he or his client is being wronged by a judge he perceives to be biased. The prior discipline of Respondent in case number SC13-1886 required a mental health evaluation and obtaining any treatment recommended. The Referee was not provided with that prior mental health evaluation.

Respondent’s potential psychological issues, some of which presented during the hearings in this matter, and may include, but are not limited to, narcissism, defensiveness, lack of self-insight, paranoia, and lack of impulse control. Regardless of whether Respondent has a mental impairment, there is no question that Respondent is in need of mental health treatment and, in particular, anger management and impulse control therapy.”

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